Planting Sustainability

   Seeds for the Future LOGO 1 300dpi (2)

SEEDS 4 THE FUTURE, is an educational and community integrated program. Through active education and participation SEEDS 4 THE FUTURE strives to inspire Concord School District students, staff, and the family and community members that surround them, to create and maintain a COLLABORATIVE OF SUSTAINABLE PRACTICES.

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The weather this week should start feeling like Spring.  What better time to start thinking about growing food and engaging our students!

Help us support our ongoing educational and community integrated programs promoting sustainable agriculture and active citizenship.  Our gardens and grow dome greenhouse hydroponic and aquaponic programs are expanding and we need your support.

Please  CHOOSE US when you buy your spring garden seeds and some other items (bird and bloom friendly organic coffee, etc)
Thank you in advance.
We will start our distribution on April 21 for Spring Planting!
Concord Regional Diploma Academy/Adult High School Staff and Students!