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PHOTO: Elodie Reed photos/Monitor staff

Diploma Academy: A sustainable education
April 28, 2016, Concord Monitor

Carol Lundin was unfazed by the cold rain on a school vacation day as she worked at White Farm this week.

She was perfectly happy to walk around the farm, which she sees as an opportunity for struggling Concord High School students.

She’s developed a program called Seeds 4 The Future that gets students out of the classroom and into greenhouses, outdoor gardens and the community at large while earning school credit.

“My whole experience is bringing students outside and doing something different – it’s much more productive for students that struggle,” Lundin said. “Sometimes it’s academics, sometimes it’s their lives and family history. They get an opportunity to struggle with something with their hands as well as their minds.”

She’s the program coordinator for the Concord Regional Diploma Academy, a credit make-up program. For students who don’t do well in a traditional academic setting – or for adults who want to earn their diploma – they can use the academy’s experiential and project-based learning programs like Seeds 4 The Future.

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